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Family Activities for Summer Holidays

By Port Arthur Accommodation on December 7, 2019 in


Daily from 27 December - 26 January


Free family fun and games are on again at the Education Centre (the Accountant’s House).  Young and old can take part in 19th century entertainment such as croquet or quoits in the sunshine, or by making their own peg doll, convict tattoo or love token or learning the art of letter writing, Victorian-style.

Sessions are held daily from 12 – 1.30pm & 2 – 3pm and are subject to a timetable.  Please confirm the day’s activities on arrival at the visitor centre.
All activities are included as part of the entry fee.

Convict Tattoos
Over 37% of male convicts who were transported were recorded as having at least one tattoo. Discover the hidden meanings behind convict body art and make your own temporary tattoo.

Peg Dolls
A child in the 1800s had to entertain themselves with the materials that were available. Learn about costume and toys for children in the Victorian era and create a peg doll to take home.

Signed & Sealed
Discover the etiquette of 19th century letter-writing and try your hand at writing a letter in copperplate calligraphy. Visitors will also learn how to fold their letter to keep it secret and apply a traditional wax seal.

Convict Love Tokens
Before they were transported across the seas, many convicts made a token for their loved ones to remember them by. Find out more about these personal mementos and make your own copper token to take home.